Questions? Zoom with me Sep 11

So not everyone likes to preschedule meetings…. and sometimes you have one or two burning questions that you don’t need a whole appointment for yourself.

Perhaps I’m feeling nostalgic for my university days, but, I think one way I can help you is to make myself available for some “office hours”. Yep, no charges.

Occasionally I will open up a day time block of time when I will make myself available for a video-chat. To keep it manageable, it will be a maximum number of participants.

You do need to register to get the Zoom information, but you could join in at any point during the session – drop in and out even!

I do reserve the right to request that we book a separate meeting if the topic you raise is too large for this drop in session, or if I think we need to talk about an estimate for services. I’m sure you understand. You can book your individual time now if you’d prefer.

About Teresa Martin

Teresa has been working with entrepreneurs since 2001 on marketing, communications, websites, business operations and writing better copy.