Open Q&A Oct 2

Open question and answer sessions can sometimes generate some really fun and interesting brainstorming and sharing between random and unknown people. I’m convinced that sometimes my clients aren’t reaching out to me when they could because they think I’m gonna charge them by the minute for help. Let’s face it, sometimes, you have one or two burning questions that you don’t need a whole hour appointment.

I think one way I can help you is to make myself available for some “office hours”. Yep, kinda like in school. Basically, I will open up a day time block in my schedule when I will make myself available for a video-chat. To keep it manageable, there will be a maximum number of participants.

You do need to register to get the Zoom information (keeping things secure for all of us), but you could join in at any point during the session – even drop in and out during the time!

I do reserve the right to request that we book a separate meeting if the topic you raise is too large for this drop in session, or if I think we need to talk about an estimate for services. I’m sure you understand. You can book your individual time now if you’d prefer.