Online Web Admin Client FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a domain name? a domain registrar?

  • A domain name is the same thing as a URL or a website address that you input into your web browser.  For example, is my domain name. I also own, and etc.
  • A domain registrar is a company that you pay to purchase a domain name.

Should I register my own domain name or will you do that for me?

  • Both are fine.
  • If I register your domain name for you, it makes it a bit easier for me to manage your entire web presence better.  I will ensure the domain name is registered to you and Online Web Admin will be the technical and administrative contact.  This allows you to take the domain name with you if you ever decide to cancel my services.  I will invoice you the month that the domain renewal payment is due.
  • If you register the domain name, you will need to either give me "webmaster" access, or you will need to apply some settings when we launch your website.  You will be responsible for paying your domain registration company when the domain renewals are due.

How do I pick a domain name?

  • You can use your business name, your personal name, a product name, or pretty much anything you like.  If you are already well known, you may want to registrar a domain name that matches your personal name. Some people register both their business name and their personal name. It is up to you.

Should I register .com or .ca or .us something else?

  • To register .ca or .us, or domains in other countries, you need to have an address in that country. It is worthwhile to consider registering the domain for your country.
  • The standard is still .com so if you can register that, you should.
  • One strategy is to purchase all the main URL endings like .ca, .com, .net, .org, .biz, .tv and etcetera.  There are now dozens of options, like .loan, .me, .guru, so this can get expensive.  If you are going international and/or scaling to a large enterprise, you will have a different strategy than if you are only focusing on one country.

Do you offer domain registration?

  • Yes, Online Web Admin can register your domain name for you. This makes it easier for us to manage and take care of your website.  If you are interested in learning more, please book a free consultation so we can chat about your needs: