Don’t open that attachment!

GRRRR.  Someone is using your email address to send out email messages with an attachment called “”.  Can happen to anyone. Basically somebody put your email address as who they were sending from so people would think the message is coming from you.  In fact, they could put any email address in the ‘from’ or ‘replyto’ field.  Annoying.

So, if you get an email from me with an attachment that has the name “”, or you weren’t expecting an attachment from me, please DO NOT open it.  I ALWAYS use a proper naming convention for any documents that I send out by email.  You should too.  And if you are going to email someone a zip file, probably a good idea to let them know that in advance.

Here’s a list of a few recommended steps that you consider to do regularly:

  • change your passwords for any email accounts you have and your websites if you own them!
  • run an anti-virus scan on all your gadgets – desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile phone
  • make sure you have set up your email clients (outlook, mail, etc.) with correct authentication
  • notify your web hosting company just to be sure
  • notify your contacts
  • wait for the jerks to move on to someone else because unfortunately they will

And note, if you can’t change your password, you have been hacked which is much more serious. Get help immediately from your internet provider, your hosting company, and your anti-virus company.