Do clients only want your content?

In this linked article, Chris Brogan talks about customers wanting a “better path” – that they need a solution to their problem, and content is not necessarily that solution.  Chris goes on to suggest that the use of some emerging technology, plus content, may be what businesses need to implement to improve client experiences. He … Read more

What should I blog about?

You have a website and want to use blogging to build up your web presence and offer value to your followers. Obviously you will be blogging about your services – but how many times can you explain that without getting boring? Not that many, right?

I have a website – now what?

How exciting! Your first website! Yep, its looking great; it does every thing you want it to do. What do you do now to get visitors to your website? This article is a brief overview of some marketing methods to get some traffic to your website.

Why File Management for Startups?

If you are like me, you absolutely HATE filing.  My former bosses would attest that I was terrible at filing, putting it off until there was so much that I’d have to hire a temp to help me get it all sorted.  To this day, I still abhor the task, whether it is electronic filing … Read more

Company Culture and the Customer Experience

Leadership strategy and clear vision, along with employee engagement, will give you the best opportunity for a winning customer experience. Your customers will only be happy if the people providing them their service are happy