Why you should change how you eat your banana

I know it may sound strange, but changing how you eat your banana really does hold an important lesson for us. Think about how you were taught to eat a banana – if you were raised the way I was, you grasp the long stem in one hand and the body in the other. You … Read more

3 things my mom’s dementia has taught me about business (and life)

Unbelievably it has been over eight years since I got the phone call that would change the course of my adult life.  I was driving to a Board meeting for the Imaginative Education Research Group which was being held at the Vancouver Yacht Club in my home city, Vancouver British Columbia.  While I wasn’t a … Read more

New Look. What do you think?

Hello!  So it has been a while since I have redesigned my website. Took me awhile – yep.  Why? Clients first. Family first (oh the joys of the ‘sandwich generation’).  You may be interested to know that I have decided to use a WordPress installation instead of my old html/css site.  Why you might ask?  … Read more