Why File Management for Startups?

If you are like me, you absolutely HATE filing.  My former bosses would attest that I was terrible at filing, putting it off until there was so much that I’d have to hire a temp to help me get it all sorted.  To this day, I still abhor the task, whether it is electronic filing … Read more

Company Culture and the Customer Experience

Leadership strategy and clear vision, along with employee engagement, will give you the best opportunity for a winning customer experience. Your customers will only be happy if the people providing them their service are happy

The “Psychology of the plate”

My son rightly pointed out that by providing a bigger supper plate, people add more food to their plate as they are uncomfortable with the plate not being filled – thus the “psychology of the plate”.

What’s your exit strategy?

Call me strange but I firmly believe that we all need to have an exit strategy for a variety of situations in our lives. Got a job or run a small business??  You need an exit strategy.  Thinking about retiring? You need an exit strategy. In a relationship that isn’t working and you aren’t willing … Read more

Thoughts on Exploring internet security

A short post on how to protect oneself on the internet….how to remember all those passwords…..how to recover from one’s digital life being compromised….and for those of us in Canada, how to do business online without worrying about the USA’s legislation about data held there…