Don’t open that attachment!

GRRRR.  Someone is using your email address to send out email messages with an attachment called “”.  Can happen to anyone. Basically somebody put your email address as who they were sending from so people would think the message is coming from you.  In fact, they could put any email address in the ‘from’...

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Are you indispensable at work?

Ahh, that feeling that the whole place would fall apart without that one employee.  Have you ever felt or thought that either about yourself or someone else?  If you are an employee and you have that experience, let me tell you that is not a great position to be in.  If you are self...

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Starting from the client’s needs

Whether its a multi-million dollar project, or a task for one's manager, getting the client perspective early is critical. Checking in with them regularly is equally important. Of course clients vary in their expectations - that's why its so very important to ask good questions, to question one's own assumptions, and to check...

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Why you should change how you eat your banana

I know it may sound strange, but changing how you eat your banana really does hold an important lesson for us. Think about how you were taught to eat a banana – if you were raised the way I was, you grasp the long stem in one hand and the body in the other....

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New Look. What do you think?

Hello!  So it has been a while since I have redesigned my website. Took me awhile – yep.  Why? Clients first. Family first (oh the joys of the ‘sandwich generation’).  You may be interested to know that I have decided to use a WordPress installation instead of my old html/css site.  Why you might...

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